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Happy Pride Month, neighbour! 🌈🍎✨️🫶

I literally wish I could function as a person right now but this 3-ft tall yellow puppet man is taking up the entirety of my headspace and I can’t seem to do anything other than draw him! I think the cool kids call that brainrotting! 😋

Sorry for the ppl in Belarus and Russia who don’t get to see this animation due to copyright 💔I hope y’all well… 😔😔😔

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⭐Original music [NOT MINE]: Those Eyes by @newwest199x
guys i’m so tired of being copyrighted 💔💔 please support me on KoFi ueueue
⭐MV: Me! Kandavers, the CEO of the Stars!!!
⭐Welcome Home by PartyCoffin (Clown!):


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My turn to be cringe HAGSGGAHA 😭🫶
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