Real Talk with NF – New Album HOPE, Mental Health, Music Industry (Jam FM Radio Exclusive)

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This episode of Lowkey Deep with NF is super special to me! As I’m sure you know NF does’nt really do that many interviews or even promo so I was super honored to even get the opportunity to talk to him. But on top of that he was nothing but kind, humble and open enough to answer my nosy questions. We talked about his upbringing, his process of writing music and mental health. Of coure NF also told me about how his new Album HOPE came together.

This is a super special episode of Lowkey Deep with rapper NF! As I’m sure you know, NF doesn’t do many interviews or promo, so for me to get the opportonity to sit down with him for an interview was just wild! NF was nothing but kind, humble, and open as we delved into his upbringing, his music writing process, and his mental health. Of course I also wanted NF to share some insights into how his new album HOPE. I hope you have as much fun with this interview as I did – let me know what you think below :)!

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