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Artist: Ese 40’z
Song: Midnight Creepin
Album: The Realest
Year: 2011


“Midnight Creepin”

(Ese 40’z Verse One)
You fuckin around with the realest
“South Side T-town” so you feel this
ready to ride with my g’s and my loccs
and I putting it down when I kill this
track to a beat with the flow from the street
mothafucka really comin out roll with the heat
blowin a sweet when I go on the creep
and you know that it’s me fuckin hoes in the free
cuz it’s goin down in the right way
kegs up in the zone on a Friday
with a hyna by my side down to ride tonight
all the freaky shit that I say
you fuckin with some psycho villains
30 round clip when the rifle’s drillin
dirty down shit homicidal chillin
open up a mutt leave a rival spillin
505 was the area code
“T-town South Side” and that’s where I’m known
every time I be drinkin with homies and fadin the green
with no care I’m gone
off in the darkness late night creepin
up in the town that never be sleepin
land of the berg pipe know for tweekin
county of Eddy that’s where I’m speakin
me and my gees put that shit on swerve
hit another party running over fucking curbs
bottle of Bacardi twistin on some potent herbs
pedo we be startin nother day another verrrrrssse

(Ese 40’z Verse Two)
Chillin like a villian on that level
drinkin on a fifth with a “Lil Blue Devil”
on my shoulder tellin me to let go
of these shots in the mothafucking ghetto
grippin on the wheel and you know we down to ride
steady dippin on the chill with the homie on the side
while I’m sippin on the Steel 211 getting high
got me trippin on the real with a cuete do or die
after that we crept to the block
and the brew was cold but the hoes are gone
took another line as I stepped to the top
make a mothafuckin right on Roselawn
where we headed pass that blunt
to grab another 30 from “Town And Cunt”
might as well grab two get down get drunk
homie thought you knew we bound to dump
cruised by the projects headed for “The Zoo”
throwin empty beer cans on Lolita Avenue
make a left at the park think I need another brew
and I need a leak hit the alley in a few
where them hoes at that be up at the Abos
where mutts chill fool fuck my rivals
roll with the heat full clip survival
crack another brew as I take me a trago
life in the madness
cops harassin on them streets when they see me
dirty ass badges keep on passin
tuckin heats from the A.P.D.
dipped from the spot now we headed for the south
Washington and thirteenth finna let the shotty out
Juras said we did what? What the hell you talkin bout”
I’m a plead the fuckin fifth
nothing’s coming out my mouth

(Ese 40’z Verse Three)
Cuz when you fuckin with them soldiers
from the land of the T-town
we gonna fold ya
catch a vala or a beat down…
cuz when you fuckin with them soldiers
in the land of the T-town
we gonna fold ya
catch a vala or a beat down…

Come roll to my spot get down with a gee
missions on the block in the “Town of the T”
take another shot getting drowned in the heat
bass boomin out the box to the sound of the beat
late night strollin all through the ghetto
tre five seven lazy blue devil
roll with the Grouch neva let the dust settle
gage kickin bass to a 22 treble
plottin on a scheme where we might go chill
going down to night with psycho ville
lens with the hoes but they trifle still
diggin in their guts and I might go fill
up another cup of the “Jungle Juice”
finna bust a nut when I hung that noose
put it in her mouth then her tongue got loose
player from the south now I done that dueces
on a mothafuckin playa tip
other hynas get mad cuz they a trip
find us at the pad every day we sip
barbeque in on the side it’s all gravy trick
so don’t fuck around with these southwest hustlas
livin in the land of mesquites and yuccas
jumpin out with the heat and the ruckus
dumpin in the street enemies can’t touch us

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