[KPOP IN PUBLIC] TWICE (트와이스) _ SET ME FREE | Dance Cover by EST CREW from Barcelona

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Hey BYS, EST is back!🌸✨
Yeah come and set me set me set me free⛓️🌙
Y’all wouldn’t believe the amount of times that we’ve been asked to cover Twice! Some people even started to think that we hate them or smth (and ofc we don’t)!! We actually tried to cover some of their past songs but it kinda failed for different reasons.😩
Anyway, what really matters now is that we finally did it YAY! We all had sooooo much fun while recording this. And also, ✨THE OUTFITS!✨
Sendy’s gloves, Zoe’s top, Nixie’s furry jacket… Everything is handmade!😳💗
What do you guys think about the cover? Should we cover more of their songs?🫶🏻

Hope you enjoy our ‘SET ME FREE’ cover! ⛓️💓

Stay tuned to our incoming covers, we’re working so hard! You know, it’s TIME TO SHINE! 🌟💙💗

Thank you so so much Doni for recording us today🤍✨
D: https://instagram.com/bydonii

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Nayeon – Sendy: https://instagram.com/senddyy__
Jeongyeon – Grau: https://instagram.com/graaauu
Momo – Zoe: https://instagram.com/itzzoe.rp
Sana – Carla: https://instagram.com/carlammaco
Jihyo – Jeongie: https://instagram.com/jeongie.uwu
Mina – Ari: https://instagram.com/ariaadnagm
Dahyun – Nixie: https://instagram.com/nixie.yugen
Chaeyoung – Juju: https://instagram.com/juju.kcovers
Tzuyu – Jen: https://instagram.com/seulp3um


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